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2 min readDec 11, 2023


I guess because I live in a poverty-stricken and rural area...
I don't understand this
"white or light privilege" ...

There is a huge divide between the rich whites and poor whites but with inflation over the last 10 years or so... that's quickly subsided -
so idk, I guess it's different where ya go.

Many of the black families were well off and many have moved away from this suck hole of a town. I don't blame them either but I miss my friends.

But as for the rest of us stuck here lol The "hood" and the "holler"
(the white ghetto) get along and we help each other out.

I see that as a privilege but I don't understand why that's a bad word now... I'm proud of my people...

When I say my people... It ain't got nothing to do with skin color.

I'm talking about my neighbors...
My friends... Some I'm close enough with I see as a family - Who are of White. ... Brown... Multiracial and Black race.

We just don't act like assholes around here... I guess like other places do. Like more populated areas.

We are all just trying to survive. Raise our kids, work, and keep a roof and food over our heads.

I don't understand why people want to argue over surface-level trivialities such as the color of their skin.

Who has more opportunities than the other...?? Where I live... We all struggle lol but we are all on the same "level" ...

we just don't have time to debate such things and anyone who tried to act out of line... As in threatening lives...We all came at them.

But that's only happened because drugs were involved and it had nothing to do with race.

Even the police are just trying to keep afloat. only the jailers are pieces of shit...

They beat my youngest child's dad half to death... In a shower room with no cameras.

Had to have 12 stitches in his head and he was cuffed when 3 jailers got their big egos hurt by my loud-mouthed ex lol
he's dead now but not because of that incident.

All in all, It honestly makes me happy that I live in a poor. Small.. Tight-knit area.

Because anywhere else sounds like a whole other world that creates problems out of shit that didn't matter.

Human beings are Human Beings. ..
Race should never matter in how an individual is treated.

It's about character and that's the only thing anyone should ever be judged for.... - is how well you treat your fellow humans and how well you treat animals.



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